In a letter written by Chief Seattle to Abraham Lincoln, he said,
'man without the beast is man without soul'.
The Nature Workshop has, since 1996, undertaken to ensure the preservation and conservation of our natural heritage through a process of responsible eco-tourism development and management.
The three core focus areas of The Nature Workshop operations include
  • TNW Lodges - eco-tourism development, management and marketing;
  • TNW Environmental - environmental, conservation and habitat management; and
  • TNW Travel Company - eco-tourism travel services.
It is the belief of The Nature Workshop that the future of some of the most spectacular regions of Southern Africa can only be preserved through a combination of tourism, conservation and the development of community eco-partnerships within these regions.
Southern Africa offers the greatest diversity of eco-experiences one can imagine. From the Cape of Good Hope to the oldest desert in the world, the wetlands of the Okavango, the might of the Zambezi, the pans of Etosha and Makgadikgadi, the tropical islands off Mozambique and the game reserves of southern Africa. In each environment so diversely different we encounter the real Africa, its people, its culture, and the wildlife of some of the few remaining wilderness areas of the world.
This unique blend of eco-destinations provides the ideal background within which The Nature Workshop is developing, operating and marketing.
In wilderness lies the preservation of mankind
Henry Thoreau
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T: +27 (0)11 234-6500
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