The African Pot, like the concept of ecotourism, is reliant on three key elements, without which they would not exist. The African pot relies on its three legs to stand. Ecotourism relies on the combination of Community, Conservation and Tourism to survive. Like the African Pot, 'Ecotourism' works because of the inter-relationship between each element.
The Nature Workshop Lodges is dedicated to the philosophy of ecotourism within the tourism industry, in order to contribute to the protection and conservation of remaining wilderness regions in Africa and globally. As partners in this endeavour with ecotourism operators, we strive to achieve the correct balance between ecological requirements, the profitable and efficient operation of ecotourism enterprises, innovative and appropriate marketing, and local community development and upliftment.
The Nature Workshop Lodges seeks to provide a service to our clients, taking cognisance of the broader conservation and environmental issues. Our fundamental objective is to position our clients' business in such a way that through an understanding of, and sensitivity toward, both the needs of man and nature, their businesses are seen to be contributing toward a better life for all.
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