Since 1996 The Nature Workshop has been involved in the development of community-based eco-tourism ventures across southern Africa. Our ethos focuses on the preservation of wilderness regions and the expansion of new conservation regions across Africa. In most cases we find wilderness and conservation regions are surrounded by indigenous communities residing on land that is at best marginal. As such the demand for more land from communities is always a factor that needs to be balanced against the need to protect our Natural Heritage.
Eco-Tourism development provides opportunities to involve communities in the long-term preservation and conservation of our Natural Heritage, without which there would be no reason for the communities to see value in conserving these wilderness regions.
The process and detail behind any Community Eco-Tourism Development has to be followed. There are no short cuts and the process can be lengthy and time consuming, but ultimately extremely rewarding. The process will differ from one project and development to the next but they all follow a similar course. The process The Nature Workshop takes is as follows:
  • Introduction of The Nature Workshop to community stakeholders;
  • Formalisation of communities into legal entities i.e. Community Trusts;
  • Training of Trustees;
  • Negotiation and discussion with Wildlife, National Park, or Local Government authorities;
  • Community consultation and briefing from community as to the communities Eco-tourism objectives;
  • Development of Concept for Eco-Tourism development (as per Lodge Concept, Design and Development);
  • The Nature Workshop to conduct full assessment of concept ideas and feasibility;
  • Presentation of Concept & Design (Architects) to community;
  • Costing of the development (Quantity Surveyors, Interior Decorators);
  • Capital raising for development - NGO and Other Development Funds; Development Banks i.e. DBSA, IDC;
  • Project Management along with Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Builders;
  • Staffing and Training;
  • Operational and Management services;
  • Marketing, Sales and Reservations;
  • On-going community liaison and support;
  • Implementation of community based projects, based on community skills sets and possible lodges requirements and support to the eco-tourism venture.
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