Feasibility Study
The ecotourism sector the world over is filled with romantics and dreamers. They are positive, out-going and fun loving. They see beauty in wide open plains, mountains and forests, rivers, lakes and on long white beaches. They feel the energy of each environment and recognise how each is abundant with life in all its forms. And as is human nature, they develop a passion for that space and fall in love. And dream...
They dream of owning a piece of the magic, that small space of sanctity that soothes the soul and gives meaning to life.
Often these dreamers and romantics become investors. As investors they become involved in ecotourism developments or projects for a host of different reasons. In some cases individual investors invest to gain access to that 'special space' for them and their families. Some get involved because they have a passion for conservation and some of the few remaining wilderness regions on earth. Some invest for a return on their investment.
Whatever the reason, the last thing you wish to happen is for that dream to be destroyed through poor development planning, over-capitalisation, operational mismanagement, bad attitude, neglect and a poor market image.
For this reason The Nature Workshop has developed an ecotourism review process called 'Lodge Therapy' designed to assess and assist lodges across the southern African region. The key objectives are 1) to provide an objective review of all aspects pertaining to the specific lodge or lodge development, 2) to provide insightful and constructive solutions in all areas of concern and 3) to provide on-going training and implementation at the lodge.
The review process is structured into 3 pillars, namely:
  1. Review
  2. Report
  3. Implementation
  • A Full feasibility Study to be conducted for any new ecotourism development.
  • A review of all aspects related to the Operation and Management of the tourism product, including lodge operations and system management, lodge administration and accounting, and staff training.
  • A review of all aspects related to the environmental, conservation and wildlife management of the specific reserve, including habitat management and ecological planning, conservation / wildlife management, water and water waste management, solid waste management, and energy generation.
  • A review of all aspects related to service delivery at the lodge and on safari, including lodge hospitality, lodge staff training and guide training to NQ and FGASA requirements.
  • A review of all aspects related to the Marketing, Sales and Reservations, including the strategic positioning of the reserve, sales, advertising, media and PR, database management, marketing collateral and merchandising, promotions, and a full review of reservations.
The Review Report is presented and based on the Findings and Recommendations of the review process. The report is to cover all operational areas for the specific tourism product including lodge operations, systems management, staffing and training, habitat and environmental management, safari procedure, marketing, sales and reservations or as agreed.
'Lodge Therapy' offers a support function which provides a hands-on implementation process. The implementation process is to focus on the aspects highlighted in the report, where the lodge requires further input / training to address problem areas identified. Lodge Therapy will draw on the necessary expertise from specialist suppliers and trainers to address these specific requirements.
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