TNW Environmental offers specialised expertise that covers each of our core Environmental Management focus areas. It is the long term objective of TNW Environmental that each of our clients operates in a Carbon Neutral manner where the impact of the lodge on the environment is minimised and where the operation of the lodges and the linkages to local communities enhances the quality of environmental practice in each area. The service we provide is based on principles that are central to conservation ethics for the benefit of ecotourism, the environment and the community. The core focus of TNW Environmental is to promote the sustainable utilisation of natural resources in ecotourism developments across the southern African region.
In considering our environment there are a number of issues to address one of the most important being 'How do we pay for the environment?' The costs of purchasing and maintaining conservation areas are extremely high, coupled with socio-economic pressures in the form of alternative land use. Suffice to say 'if it pays it stays'. What we must realise is, that it will only pay if the environment and ecology allows it to do so on a sustainable basis.
The word Ecology has its origins in Greek and is defined as follows:
Eco ('Oikos' in Greek) - meaning House.
Logy ('Logos' in Greek) - meaning Structure.
Ecology - Structure of the House.
In order to obtain any financial benefit from the environment, it is essential that the 'structure of the house' is in order. Implementation of the specific conservation and environmental management programmes, environmental impact assessments and evaluations will allow for the correct structures to be put into place, to provide the attraction for tourism, the support for communities and the financial stability to maintain the environment for future generations.
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