Wetland Water
TNW Environmental offers an Environmental Management and Development consultancy, focusing on the promotion of the sustainable utilisation of conservation areas across the southern African region. Providing proven experience in the Environmental Consultancy field we are highly qualified to provide the correct Environmental management solution for game/nature reserves and lodges.
Portfolio of Services
Infrastructure Logistics Waste Management
  • Game viewing hide placement and construction.
  • Supply and maintenance of essential services i.e. underground power supply.
  • Airstrip placement and construction.
  • Planning and positioning of camps and lodges.
  • Solid waste management e.g. Separation and recycling.
  • Liquid waste management e.g. Wetlands
  • Sewerage reticulation.
Aerial Photography Erosion Reclamation
  • Provision of specific aerial photography.
  • Use of aerial photographs for information and implementation of techniques e.g. Road development.
  •  Gabion Structures - stabilisation of eroded areas
Road Networks Water Management
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Positioning
  • Maintenance and upgrading.
  • Underground water utilisation and development.
  • Positioning and development of dams and pans.
  • Water reticulation pipelines and pumping stations.
  • Water softening and purification plants.
Catchment Management Flora - Veld Management
  • Rehabilitation - gabion mattresses and shutes.
  • Stream flow management - gabion weirs.
  • Slashing and mowing
  • Coppice control
  • Selective bush clearing
  • Monitoring of grass species
  • Vegetation surveys
Fire Management Alien Plant Control
  • Vegetation assessment
  • Planning
  • Burning techniques
  • Fire protection - fire breaks and control methods
  • Proven methods
  • Chemical and biological control
Fauna - Game Management Resource Utilisation
  • Re-introduction of species
  • Census and monitoring
  • Utilisation - culling cropping
  • Professional hunting and game capture
  • Disease management
  • Harvesting of wood, poles, reeds, etc.
  • Community resource exchange
Training and Development Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental management techniques
  • Community projects
  • Staff technique training
  • Procedures and implemenation
  • Monitoring
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