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TNW Environmental has developed a Community-based Waste Management Program that provides a solution to the problem experienced by National Parks, Game Lodges and Safari Operators with regard to Waste Management and recycling.
Legislation regarding Waste Landfills has resulted in the need for lodges to comply with DWAF requirements regarding environmental concerns related to waste from tourism facilities. The primary area of concern is the effect on the environment and specifically the impact on the underground water table through the dumping of waste. TNW Environmental will address the need to remove waste from tourism facilities and to provide an environmentally sound solution to problem. TNW Environmental takes into consideration the needs of the communities within each region and what benefits can accrue to the relevant community from the program.
Operating Plan for TNW Environmental regarding Waste Management
Waste Separation at source
The waste separation at the lodges is proposed as follows:
  • Separation areas to be constructed at each lodge.
  • All dry waste (Plastics, board, paper, tins, cans and bottles) will go into bags, bins or a skip to be provided. This will depend entirely on the amount of waste generated by each lodge.
  • All wet waste (fruit, vegetables, skins, etc.) will go into bins to be provided.
  • The lodge will provide the labour for the program at each lodge.
Waste Removal from source
All waste to be removed from each lodge by vehicle to each of the relevant DWAF Approved Landfills.
Waste Separation at Depots
Once Waste is deposited at each of the depots it will be separated into categories as required by the respective Recycling partners.
Recyclable Waste Collection by partners
Mondi, Sappi, SAB/ABI, Consul, Green's Waste, Collect-a-Can to partner in the recycling process. Each Recycling partner will pay by volume for the waste collected. This income will accrue directly to the community.
Related Community Development Programs
  • The relevant communities can develop a 'Piggery' as a project to be run and managed by the community. The supply of swill from the lodges should be sufficient to start and maintain the project. This would need to be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • There is an Arts and Crafts opportunity that can be developed from some of the 'dry' waste from the lodges.
Identification of Landfill Sites and EIA Requirements
DWAF Approved Landfill sites would need to be identified for each lodge and by region.
The Management of TNW Environmental will be conducted by Chris Rightford of The Nature Workshop (Pty) Ltd. In each area of speciality, TNW Environmental has linked up with a number of Special Interest Partners who will provide the necessary expertise. All requests for project work linked to any of the above TNW Environmental services will be as per standard terms and conditions. For any project work, quotations will be presented and on approval of quotation and required deposits being paid, the work will commence. Terms and Conditions will specify work and payment requirements for each project.
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