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Fish River Canyon
Cañon Lodge stands proud amongst great boulders, its beauty a foretaste of the splendour of the nearby Fish River Canyon. It forms part of the privately owned Gondwana Cañon Nature Park, which is over 520 square kilometres in extent. Just twenty kilometres from the main viewpoint of the Fish River Canyon in the arid splendour of southern Namibia, Cañon Lodge provides guests with the opportunity to experience one of nature’s greatest natural masterpieces, the Fish River Canyon.

Aerial view of Canon Lodge
Cañon Lodge consists of twenty bungalows, each with natural rock walls, thatch roofs and full en-suite facilities, its design combining the rustic natural elements of the area with the stark landscape providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing accommodation.

A German farmhouse, originally built in 1910, has been restored to serve as the lodge restaurant, which has as its main attraction an awe-inspiring view of the Canyon landscape. A walk to the nearby cluster of Quiver trees, the impressive rock formations, and a possible glimpse of the furtive mountain zebra, provide unforgettable hours for the outdoor enthusiast.
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