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Map of Zimbabwe
The Zimbabwe Ruins are testimony to the fact that, due to its geographic positioning in Africa, it has long encountered civilisations from other areas of our world. Today it is a blend of peoples and cultures which has enriched the country and you feel it from the moment you encounter it.

Zimbabwe is an adventurer's dream, from the history of the Zimbabwe Ruins to Livingstone's discovery of the Victoria Falls. The majesty of the Zambezi has to be experienced - the ebb and flow, a lifeline running through starving countryside. Today the river provides the adventure of White Water Rafting, Canoeing and Bungi jumping off the 111m high Victoria Falls bridge.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Kariba, man-made, today supports a burgeoning tourism industry, a flourishing fishing industry and some of the best birding and big game in Zimbabwe. Big game experiences abound with Hwange, Mana Pools, Matetsi, Gona-re-Zhou, Matusadona and Victoria Falls National Park all offering superb destinations. The Matopas and the Eastern Highlands provide welcome alternatives to the other more frequented destinations.

Zimbabwe is situated between the Zambezi River and Zambia in the north and the Limpopo River and South Africa in the south. Mozambique forms its eastern border with Botswana in the west. Zimbabwe is a vast parkland of trees and rivers with spectacular wilderness and wildlife areas, a modern infrastructure and friendly and welcoming people.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Zimbabwe's northern border with Zambia is the Zambezi River and it is this area that attracts the most visitors. The spectacular Victoria Falls is the most renowned of Zimbabwe's attractions and the area offers a wide variety of accommodations and exciting activities. Activities including white water rafting, bungi jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge, golf, elephant-back safaris, sundowner cruises on the upper Zambezi River and safaris into the nearby Victoria Falls National Park can be enjoyed.

Victoria Falls
Lake Kariba
Below Victoria Falls the Zambezi River flows into the enormous Lake Kariba, which provides a veritable treasure trove of exciting activities to the discerning visitor. The shores of Lake Kariba are home to an enormous variety of wildlife including elephant, buffalo, hippopotamus, lion and the elusive and rare black rhino. Spectacularly situated lodges are located along the lakeshore, each offering spectacular views and superb experiences of Lake Kariba.

Visitors can also take advantage of unforgettable house-boat safaris on the lake where both game viewing by boat and sport fishing for especially the voracious tiger fish is possible. Matusadona Game Reserve on the southern shoreline opposite Kariba Town, is spectacularly situated and an ideal base for game viewing and fishing trips on the lake.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins
The Lower Zambezi Valley
The lower Zambezi valley below Lake Kariba is a wildlife wonderland, which can be enjoyed simultaneously with spectacular fishing and boating on the magnificent Zambezi River. Another superb opportunity to witness this very special part of Africa is on a canoe safari of between 3 and 7 days where the entire length of the Zambezi River between Lake Kariba and the Mozambique border can be canoed. This area is host to large concentrations of wildlife and especially elephant can be seen in large numbers along the banks of the river.

Baobab tree
Hwange National Park
Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe's premier national park and one of the most popular destinations in the country. The reserve is home to lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo and a wide variety of other wildlife and birds. Situated between Victoria Falls and the city of Bulawayo, Hwange is an essential part of any visit to Zimbabwe, where one can participate in both walking and vehicle safaris into this spectacular wildlife area.

The Matobo Hills
The Matobo Hills situated 40 kilometres south of Bulawayo is probably one of the most spectacular areas on earth. The massive granite domes of the Matobo Hills are home to the greatest concentrations of leopard and black eagle in Africa and is also the burial place of Cecil Rhodes, one of the founding economic pioneers of the southern African region.

Black Rhino
The South-Eastern Lowveld and Eastern Highlands
The game reserve in the Matobo Hills is also one of the few places in Zimbabwe where the black and white rhino can still be viewed.

The South-Eastern Lowveld and Eastern Highlands
The wild south-eastern lowveld of Zimbabwe is the quintessential Africa of old with wild horizons, spectacular scenery and wildlife. Both the Save Conservancy and Gona-re-Zhou National Park provide superb walking and safari experience into this beautiful yet little known corner of Zimbabwe.

The eastern highlands of Zimbabwe along Zimbabwe's eastern border with Mozambique stretching from Chimanimani in the south through the Bvumba, Mutare and to Nyanga in the north is a region of forests and mountains, cool mountain streams and long views to distant horizons. A range of tranquil mountain retreats and sumptuous lodges, hotels and golf resorts provide a superb base for exploring the region by foot, horseback and vehicle.
Victoria Falls
White-water rafting beloow the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River
Zimbabwe provides a combination of magnificent and diverse scenery, superb wildlife areas and a modern and sophisticated infrastructure, which facilitates the comfort and enjoyment of this superb African destination. Direct flights from Europe and Australia to Harare and via Johannesburg provide easy access to Zimbabwe. Daily flights from Johannesburg to Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls provide easy regional access to the country. Regular regional air links connect Zimbabwe to Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Kenya.
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