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Snorkelling in crystal clear waters off Mozambique
Map of Mozambique
Tropical palm trees
After years of civil war Mozambique is finally starting to fulfil its potential as a nation and as potentially one of the best tourist regions in Africa. A spectacular and extensive coastline with wonderful beaches, coastal wetlands, fantastic coral and fishing, make this an extremely attractive destination for the more adventurous.

Main destinations of interest include Maputo and the coastline running up to Xai Xai, Inhambane and to Beira further to the north. The Islands of Inhaca, Bazzaruto, Benguerra, and Paradise are well developed with a range of quality destinations from which to choose. Great diving, and fishing – deap sea as well as seawater fly fishing are to be experienced.

Mozambique's neighbours include Tanzania and Malawi to the north, Zambia and Zimbabwe to the west and north-west and South Africa and Swaziland in the south and south-west. Mozambique is a vast country and is dominated by its Indian Ocean Coast stretching 3000 kilometres from the Tanzanian border to the South African border. The country has been devastated by decades of civil war and its meagre infrastructure has been largely destroyed. Peace has however returned to the country and there have been major improvements made to the infrastructure of the country especially in the south of the country between Maputo and Beira.

A Tropial Paradise
The beaches of Mozambique are legendary with hundreds of kilometres of golden sands and palm trees seemingly stretching to infinity. Many of the old hotels and resorts along the coast north of Maputo and as far north as Vilancoulos, as well as the coastal road, have been rehabilitated allowing access to these areas. The islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago have been largely spared the ravages of the civil war and are an idyllic tropical paradise surrounded by crystal clear, aquamarine seas and spectacular coral reefs.

Maputo is recovering some of its former elegance and style and five star international hotels have been fully rehabilitated and restored to their former glory. Maputo is a gastronomic delight with seafood and especially the LM prawns, legendary in their abundance and quality. The island of Inhaca, thirty kilometres from the city across the Bay of Maputo, is a tropical paradise of white beaches, coral reefs and palm trees.

North from Beira
From Beira, north across the Zambezi River to Quelimane, Nampula and Mozambique Island, there is little evidence of rehabilitation of the war-ravaged infrastructure. Bridges are down, roads are in very poor condition and the large towns of this region are seriously neglected and isolated from the outside world. The region is, however, scenically spectacular and for the traveller prepared to rough it, a journey through this part of Mozambique would be an adventure unlikely to be forgotten. Spectacular Mozambique Island has been declared a World Heritage Site and the castle of St Sebastian and St Pauls Palace, amongst other architectural gems, are quite breathtaking and are fortunately undergoing rehabilitation.

Pemba and Ibo
North from Mozambique Island and Nampula leads to the spectacular small city of Pemba built on the spine of a peninsula overlooking an enormous natural harbour. Traditional Arab sailing boats known as Dhows leave from Pemba to exotic destinations within the Quirimba Archipelago such as Ibo and to destinations further north such as Mafia Island, Dar-es-Salaam and Zanzibar. Ibo is a spectacular former Portuguese town on Ibo Island, which boasts three forts, traditional silversmiths, spectacular crumbling architecture, coral reefs and a lifestyle untouched by the outside world.

Lake Malawi
Directly west from Pemba across the top of the country, Mozambique's western border touches Lago Niassa or as it is better known, Lake Malawi. Unlike the Malawian shoreline, the Mozambique shoreline is completely undeveloped and difficult to access. If you reach there, the view, across "The Lake of Stars" with the hills behind you rising to the highlands around Lichinga, is spectacular and thick with the excitement and mystery of Africa.

Rough and ready with tiny patches of comfort and luxury, Mozambique is a country of spectacular beauty and variety. Not the ideal destination for the international traveller demanding comfort and efficiency, it does, however, provide a challenge to the intrepid adventurer wanting to discover a part of Africa relatively untouched by the outside world. Direct flights from Johannesburg and Harare and a service from Lisbon, Portugal, are the only effective links to the outside world. The internal airline links Maputo with Beira, Nampula, Pemba and Lichinga.
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