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Zambia has for many years been neglected due to political and logistical problems. It is certainly on the comeback trail with a number of prominent and well-respected conservation and tourism-driven companies taking advantage of the opportunities opening to them.

Livingstone is situated on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls offering trips to the Falls and canoeing safaris above the Falls.

The country also has two of the undiscovered gems of the African bushveld in the Lower Zambezi National Park and Luangwa Valley. Both are stunning reserves, relatively undeveloped and offering amazing game experiences - a real throwback to the Africa of old.

White-water rafting on the Zambezi River
Zambia takes its name from the Zambezi River, which forms it's southern boundary with Zimbabwe. Its neighbours include Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi in the east, Congo to the north, Mozambique to the south-east, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana to the south and Angola in the west. Zambia is 750 000 square kilometres and contains a spectacular variety of people, places and wildlife which provides the ultimate African experience.

The Zambezi
The Real Africa
The tourist slogan adopted by the Zambian National Tourism Board describes the country to perfection. "The Real Africa" evokes images of a land, which is somehow reminiscent of the Africa of old, an Africa where many of the people cling to traditional lifestyles, of wide-open spaces and of wild places where animals and birds dictate the pace of life. Zambia offers all of this and much more in abundance. The spectacular Victoria Falls is Zambia's premier and best-known tourist attraction, however the country, covering a vast area in south central Africa, has many almost unknown attractions.

Elephant in the Zambezi River
The Luangwa Valley
The Luangwa Valley is probably the best known of the wildlife safari destinations in Zambia. Large concentrations of elephant, hippopotamus and buffalo are a feature of this area. The lion and leopard encounters in the Luangwa Valley are legendary. A number of operations have been established both within and on the periphery of the South Luangwa National Park. The North Luangwa National Park remains practically untouched. This is a vast area adjoining the spectacular Luangwa River and the area is a wildlife paradise and provides a wildlife experience unequalled in Africa. The special attraction of this area is its wildness and remoteness and the fact that very few tourists visit the area at present.

Canoeing at sunset
The Bangweulu Swamps and Lakes
The enormous Bangweulu Swamps and Lakes situated in the northern part of the country remains virtually untouched. This vast area is home to an incredible variety of aquatic and other bird life and the rare and unusual Shoebill. The bird count in the area numbers some 400 separate species. The endemic black lechwe, which occurs only in this area, congregates in enormous herds of up to 10 000 animals. The shy and elusive sitatunga is also found in the swamps together with a wide variety of other species. This area rivals the world famous Okavango Swamps in Botswana.

The Luangwa Valley
The Liuwa Plains
The Liuwa Plains, in the western areas of Zambia, is the venue for southern Africa's only substantial migration, where thousands of wildebeest and zebra migrate across the plains from Angola at the beginning of the rainy season. The area is remote and beautiful and because of the absence of large numbers of tourists, is evocative of an Africa untouched by western influences and in touch with its primeval roots. The area is a mecca for birding enthusiasts and is a superb safari destination. Further south from Liuwa Plains the Zambezi traverses the Barotseland floodplains before spilling over the Ngonye Falls at Sioma. The river is a mecca for fishing and canoeing and for tranquil days under the blue African skies.

White-water rafting on the Zambezi River
Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba
The Zambian bank of the Zambezi River, in the vicinity of Victoria Falls is far less developed than the Zimbabwean bank. An incredible variety of activities including white water rafting, bungi jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge, elephant-back safaris, sundowner cruises on the upper Zambezi River and safaris into nearby wildlife reserves can be enjoyed.

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River
The Zambezi River spills into the enormous man-made Lake Kariba. Most of the lakes shoreline is wilderness and a number of islands dot the lake. The lower Zambezi valley below Lake Kariba is a wildlife wonderland, which can be enjoyed simultaneously with spectacular fishing and boating on the magnificent Zambezi River. The valley is host to large concentrations of wildlife and especially elephant can be seen in large numbers along the banks of the river.

Elephants in the Zambezi River
Kafue National Park and other features
The Kafue National Park, west of Lusaka, is one of Africa’s largest and least disturbed wildlife areas. Vast floodplains, waterways and grasslands stretch seemingly to infinity and the area is a superb wildlife destination. Other spectacular wildlife and natural features of Zambia include the water wilderness of Lake Tanganyika and Lake Mweru in the far north of the country and the Nyika Plateau National Park in the north-east adjacent to Malawi, which is a spectacular highland area of rolling hills and gentle mountain streams.

Zambia is a spectacular slice of modern and ancient Africa. It is a land of warm and friendly people and spectacular scenery and wildlife. It is also unspoilt by large volumes of tourists and consequently its essential character is unchanged. Direct flights from Europe to Lusaka and via Nairobi and Johannesburg provide easy access to Zambia. Daily flights from Johannesburg to Lusaka and Victoria Falls provide easy regional access to the country.
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