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In the south-east of Swaziland, the heart of the lowveld, lies an unspoilt wilderness, haven to endangered species which roam approximately 7,400 hectares of magnificent African bush.

For the animals that once roamed wild and free, uninhibited by fences and boundaries, they faced and still face an uncertain future with man’s compulsion toward maximum yield, poaching and lack of ignorance toward nature conservation and protection of our natural heritage.

These, once abundant animals that could be seen for miles around, were and some still are close to extinction and it became clear to the Reilly Family, Swaziland’s foremost nature conservationists, that these animals needed a place of refuge and tranquillity, with the absence of menacing man and his gun, and Mkhaya was the perfect place.

Stone and thatch chalets
Mkhaya was established in 1979 to save the pure Nguni cattle breed from extinction and is a proclaimed Nature Reserve. Its focus has expanded over the years to include other endangered species such as black rhino, roan & sable antelope, tsessebe, white rhino, elephant and other locally endangered species.

Rhino sighting
Mkhaya Game Reserve, named after the Acacia nigrescens tree, comprises of acacia-dominated thornveld in the south and broadleaf sandveld in the north. Unique, intimate encounters with Mkhaya’s wildlife are almost guaranteed as all travel within the reserve is solely by open Land Rovers or on foot (all guided) and the reserve is criss-crossed with dry riverbeds, dotted with waterholes and has a network of intertwined game-viewing roads.

After a day out in the hot African bush, come back to the camp that is sited in bird-rich riverine forests and enjoy an ice-cold drink under the giant sausage tree or retire to the comfortable safari-style accommodation and sit back and enjoy real nature.

Mkhaya is staffed and patrolled entirely by Swazis from neighbouring communities and currently boasts what is arguably Africa's most effective anti-poaching unit. Mkhaya is totally self-financing through visitor revenues. Your support is greatly appreciated as a means of sustaining this unique international conservation effort.
Dinner under the stars
A trip to Mkhaya is a trip into Real Africa – a soul enriching, quality experience you’ll never forget!
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